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Accuplacer Tests

ACCUPLACER® is a suite of tests published by The College Board that determines your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college courses.

Why do you need to take an Accuplacer Test?

Appropriate skills levels in English, Reading, and Mathematics are necessary for success in any program of study. While 4Cs has an open admissions policy, appropriate skill proficiency in these subject areas are a prerequisite to enrollment in many introductory courses.

The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, are used by your academic advisors to place you in the appropriate college courses that meet your skill level.

Scheduling an Accuplacer Readiness Assessment

To schedule a Remote Readiness Assessment, visit:

To schedule an In-Person Readiness Assessment, visit:

If you need further assistance, please call 774.330.4543.


Math and English Refresher workshops are offered at no cost to you. Visit Accuplacer Testing Prep & Tips for links to prep sites and important tips. Call 774.330.4543 for more information.

On the Day of Testing

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

What to Bring: One photo ID, all other personal items are prohibited from the Student Readiness Office; please see the publisher's guidelines for your particular test regarding prohibited items.

Your appointment will be approximately three (3) hours long and will include testing at the Student Readiness Office, meeting with an advisor to choose courses, and registering for those courses at Registration.

If you have concerns about the weather and the status of the campus, please check before attempting to come to the campus.

Directions: Park in lot #9. Walk up the driveway across from lot #9, the Grossman Building will be on your left. Use the entrance located beyond the steps and across from the WKKL radio station. As you enter the building, take the elevator immediately on your right to floor #2. The Student Readiness Office is to your left as you exit the elevator. Handicapped parking is available in front of the Grossman Commons. For verbal directions, please call 774.330.4909.

What is an Entry-Level Assessment?

The entry assessment at 4Cs in Math and English determines your skills levels in those subject areas, which are prerequisites to enrollment in many introductory courses.


  • A placement test published by The College Board
  • A nationally normed test customized & delivered by educational institutions
  • A fast, accurate determination of whether a student has the skills to take college level courses or would benefit from some developmental work
  • Extensively used by community colleges, four year colleges, & technical schools around the world
  • Adaptive and Untimed

How will the computer deliver testing?

You will complete your test using a computer with use of either the keyboard or mouse to enter your answers and supply other information. A Proctor is present should you have any questions or problems. The Proctor has the ability to resolve difficulties that may occur.

What is adaptive testing?

The computer automatically determines which questions are presented to you based on your response to prior questions. This technique selects just the right questions to ask without being too easy or too difficult. Each test is untimed so that you can give each question as much thought as you wish. However, once you have selected and confirmed your answer, you cannot return to that question.

Do I have to take placement tests?

To help answer this question please refer to the College's policy on Basic Skills Assessment. If you believe that you may be waived from testing for any reason, contact Admissions at 774.330.4311.

Are there any fees for taking the college placement test?

No, the placement test is a tool to aid in choosing courses and does not incur any cost to you.

How long does it take to test?

The test is untimed; however, your whole appointment includes testing, advising and registration which takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours. It is recommended that you take your time during the testing portion of your appointment which may affect the amount of time spent overall.

What should I do to prepare for the test?

You are encouraged to prepare for the college placement test by reviewing the Student Guide to the computerized Placement Tests provided at the Accuplacer tutorial site. This guide provides sample questions and an overview of how the test works and outlines the skills necessary for success on this test.

For more study materials, visit Accuplacer Testing Prep & Tips.

Will Cape Cod Community College honor my high school's IEP?

If you feel you need accommodations for testing, contact the O'Neill Center for Student Access and Support: 774.330.4533.

Can I get extra time to test?

Except for the Write Placer, which only comes up under very specific conditions, the test is untimed. We do encourage you to take your time and do your very best so that your scores reflect your best work.

Can I use a calculator to test?

There is a calculator built into the test itself and is available whenever ACCUPLACER allows its use. If you have accommodations through the O'Neill Center, you will be allowed to use a 4-function calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). If you need the calculator accommodation, simply request a letter from the O'Neill Center and present it with your photo ID when you check in for your Testing appointment. We will supply the calculator once you are in the testing room.

How do I schedule my testing appointment?

Please visit Student Readiness for information on scheduling a test. If you are having difficulty scheduling, please call us at (774) 330-4543 and we will be happy to assist you.

When and where are the tests given?

Accuplacer is administered at the Testing Center on the Main Campus, located in the Grossman Commons Building on the 2nd floor in Suite 204. Hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:30am–4:30pm and Wednesdays from 8:30am–7:00pm. Appointments are encouraged; however, walk-in testing sessions may be provided. We strongly suggest that you call to be sure that we can accommodate walk-ins before you come down. During Walk-in Wednesdays, we begin testing at 11:30am and will accommodate walk-ins in the order in which they checked in. If you wish to walk-in, please allow yourself 2.5–3 hours before closing time in order to complete the process of testing, advising, and registering for courses at one time.

When do I get my results?

You will print your results at the conclusion of your test session. These results will be used during your Advising appointment which immediately follows your testing appointment.

Will I be able to go to college if I fail the test?

Though you may not have gotten the score or placement you wanted, you can't fail the ACCUPLACER. You can still take courses at Cape Cod Community College. The placement test is not an entrance exam, it is a tool to assist in placing you into appropriate level courses.

Can I retake the placement test?

You may be able to retake all or part of your placement test, retesting information is available in the Academic Policy Manual.

Since September, 1999, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has mandated that all entering students seeking a degree or certificate program (matriculated students) at a state college must assess upon entry in their basic skills of reading comprehension, writing and mathematics unless they have prior college credit and these credits have been reviewed and approved.

Non-matriculated students must assess in the appropriate area prior to enrolling in any course that has a reading, writing or mathematics pre-requisite unless they have prior college credit and these credits have been reviewed and approved. 

The mandated state test is "The College Board's" ACCUPLACER® system.