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The Advantage Program

The Advantage Program (TRiO/SSS) at Cape Cod Community College empowers students to successfully graduate with an Associate's degree and to transfer to pursue a Bachelor's degree. We strive to guide our students to reach their academic and career goals. Our staff includes advisors, professional tutors and peer mentors who understand the challenges that college students face when completing an Associate's degree.

Through academic advising, tutoring and personal encouragement in a dedicated, caring environment, our participants learn self-direction, resourcefulness and how to advocate for themselves to become responsible, life-long learners in a global environment as they reach their next level of higher education.

For students who qualify, free services include:

  • Individualized tutoring
  • Academic and career advising
  • Transfer trips to local colleges
  • Peer mentoring
  • Student success seminars (The Advantage Program co-sponsors seminars including: Careers, Resume Writing, Memory, Study Skills, Transferring, Stress Management, and How to Write a Research Paper.)
  • Career exploration
  • Understanding financial aid
  • Applying for scholarships
  • First Year Seminar course

Application and Eligibility

The Advantage Program at 4Cs is a TRiO Student Support Services program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Complete the Advantage Application and meet with a staff member to confirm eligibility.

Contact the Advantage Program

Laura Doane, Advantage Program Director
Location Wilkens South 227
Phone 774.330.4321