Diagnostic Technician Certificate Program (DT)

This program prepares prepares students to function in a variety of settings assisting with diagnostic testing including phlebotomy and EKG.


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Courses Credits
BIT103   3
COM103   3
DTC102   2
DTC104   6
DTC204   2
Total Credits 16

Note: It is recommended that students take BIT103 Medical Terminology prior to admission into the Diagnostic Technician Certificate program, or they may take it concurrently with DTC104 once they are admitted.

Due to the very limited number of seats (12) in the Phlebotomy courses, students are advised to complete the other three courses before taking Phlebotomy.

Students should also matriculate (official enroll) into the DT program as soon as they decide that they are going to pursue this certificate by contacting the Admissions Office. One of the requirements for matriculation into this program includes attendance at a Diagnostic Technician or Health Science Information Session.

Information Sessions

Attendance to an information session is required for entry into the Diagnostic Technician Program (Phlebotomy course).

The Program

Accepted students must:

Those accepted into the Diagnostic Technician Program and planning to complete the entire certificate (all five courses) may apply for financial aid. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.


Pauline Philie, Program Coordinator
Phone 774.330.4489
E-mail pphilie@capecod.edu
Kate Denver, Program Office Assistant
Phone 774.330.4452
E-mail kdenver@capecod.edu