Courses Credits
CON100   2
BUS100   3
BUS103 (or)
Supervision (or)
Survey of Accounting

BUS103 Supervision

This course provides an opportunity to learn effective supervisory practices. Although various concepts and theories are covered to provide a conceptual framework for management and supervision, the emphasis will be on the practical experiences of supervisors.

Prerequisite: None

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

ACC100 Survey of Accounting

Students will be exposed to an overview of accounting and its role in business and society with a focus on the accounting equation, chart of accounts, transaction analysis, financial statement preparation and analysis, business structures, accrual basis of accounting, and internal controls.

Prerequisite: MAT020 or MAT025 and ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores

Offered: Fall, Spring

GIT110   3
CON122   3
CON115   3
Total Credits 17