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College Police at 4Cs

The Cape Cod Community College Office of College Police and Public Safety is here to protect and serve the College community. The college employs Campus Officers and contract security officers to provide public safety services at all times. Additionally, there are professional working agreements with the Barnstable Police Department the Massachusetts State Police, and West Barnstable Fire Department. All agencies work together to provide safety and emergency response to the campus.

College Police Officers can be contacted by dialing 774.330.4349.

Who We Are

The Cape Cod Community College College Police Department is comprised of the Chief of College Police and Public Safety and Campus Officers. These college employees are authorized to patrol their jurisdiction which includes the property owned, used, and occupied by Cape Cod Community College.

The Officers and staff are tasked with providing many emergency and non-emergency services for the college community. Although the department’s presence and response to an incident are a critical piece of safety, the department also provides training to faculty, students, and staff. Training sessions are offered throughout the year in the areas of crime prevention, personal safety, and emergency response and evacuation.

In Emergencies, Dial 911

Calls to 911 will automatically be forwarded to the Barnstable Police Department. College Police Officers can be contacted by dialing 774.330.4349, or by dialing x4349 from an in-house campus telephone. When reporting any emergency, try to remain calm, describe the nature of the call, and provide the exact location of the emergency or incident. Campus Officers are trained as Emergency First Responders and are CPR certified.

We Need Your Help

Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe learning and working environment, but we cannot do this without your help. All members of Cape Cod Community College should report criminal actions to the College Police immediately. Additionally, if you see something, says something. Suspicious activity is just that; please communicate all suspicious activity to our department. The Cape Cod Community College Department of College Police and Public Safety is a partner with the entire college community, and we will act to support college policy, uphold local or state laws, and increase safety on campus.

Department Mission

The mission of the Cape Cod Community College Department of College Police and Public Safety is to, with all due diligence, preserve the safety of all College patrons and property. This mission will be accomplished by partnering and collaborating with the community, by providing service in a professional, courteous manner, and by acting with integrity, fairness, and respect for all individuals.

Office of College Police and Public Safety
Location Grossman Commons CG6
Phone 774.330.4349
Switchboard 508.362.2131 x4349