Fundamentals of Astronomy

A one-semester science course, with laboratory, that provides an introduction to the principles and theories of contemporary astronomy within and beyond the solar system. The course traces the pathways of observation, conjecture, thought, investigation and discovery to demonstrate how scientific inquiry has enabled the human mind to attain an unprecedented insight to the nature of the universe. (3 class hours / 2 laboratory hours) Prerequisite: MAT030 or MAT035, ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores / 4 credits. Satisfies a Natural or Physical Science general education requirement. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


Astronomy II


Current Topics in Astronomy

This course provides an opportunity for students to explore various topics of current interest in astronomy, adding breadth and depth to their knowledge of the cosmos and building independent research and presentation skills. Most course materials will be drawn from highly credible sources on the Internet (for example NASA.GOV) and current astronomical publications. Prerequisite: AST101 or PHY101 or PHY211 / 3 credits. Offered: Varies