Introduction to Business

Students examine the purpose, role and responsibility of business in American society and gain a broad overview of the functions, institutions, principles and practices of business and other organizations. This course provides a basic foundation for those students who will specialize in business and an opportunity for non-business majors to learn about the business world as a major social institution. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


Business Communication

This course is designed to expose the student to a variety of communication modes available to individuals employed in today's business environment. The following major areas are addressed: communication theory, electronic communications in business, oral presentations, ethical practices and written business documents. The importance of accurate communications and the development of language art skills are emphasized. Business communications and formats, including business reports, letters, and memos, are studied. Prerequisite: GIT102 or 30 wpm and ENL108 or ESL201 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score. / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring



This course provides an opportunity to learn effective supervisory practices. Although various concepts and theories are covered to provide a conceptual framework for management and supervision, the emphasis will be on the practical experiences of supervisors. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


Human Resource Management

Students learn about the principles and practices of human resource management including staffing, developing, motivating, leading and controlling the human resources of a business, government or non-profit agency. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


Organizational Behavior

Students acquire the skills required to successfully evaluate their behavior in organizational settings. Students analyze how each person within an organization effects an organization and how an organization effects each person. Group/team dynamics are explored in order to see their effect on group and individual performance. Issues that impact the success of an organization are studied. Tools appropriate for accomplishing dynamic change, breaking communication barriers, resolving conflicts, improving leadership skills, and inspiring motivation and collaboration are explored. Prerequisite: ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Business Law

This course is a comprehensive guide to the basic principles and practices of Business Law including an introduction to law and its application in the business world. The course covers business ethics; the judicial process and court systems; the constitutional grounds for business regulation; torts, personal, real, and intellectual property; contracts, sales, agency, employment law, business organizations including partnerships and corporations; and government regulation of business. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


My Finance

Students learn about personal money management. Various tools and resources are used to explore several aspects of basic personal finance while emphasizing good money management skills throughout. Prerequisites: None / 3 credits. Satisfies a General Education Elective. Offered: Fall, Spring


Business Finance

This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of financial management. Includes the study of the procurement and effective use of funds in a business, budget preparation, alternative sources of funds, and control of working capital. Prerequisite: ACC202 or ACC105 / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer



Provides an introduction to principles and techniques of management as they relate to business, government, and non-profit organizations. Includes the study of the functions of management: coordinating, problem-solving, decision-making, communicating, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Prerequisite: ENL101 and BUS100 / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


International Business:European Exp

This course is to be offered at an overseas location in Europe. It is designed to provide the American student with direct contact with contemporaries studying business courses as well as site visits at a variety of European business places. Emphasis is placed on doing business overseas, currency issues, cultural issues, comparative marketing techniques, and basic international law. Prerequisite: BUS100 or any 3-credit Business course (recommend ECO117 or ECO118 or BUS120) and permission of instructor / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Business Administration Cooperative Work Experience

Students work in an organizational setting for no less than 150 hours to receive practical training and experience related to the student's academic program. All students enrolled in Business Administration programs are encouraged to take a cooperative work experience. This course is limited to students enrolled in Business Administration programs. Prerequisite: Approval by the Business internship instructor / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.


Management Coop Work Exp II

Provides an opportunity to work in a management trainee or entry-level position in a business, government or non-profit organization for no less than 300 hours to receive practical training in the functions of management. Joint evaluation of student's work by employer and management work experience coordinator. May be repeated once for credit. Limited to students enrolled in the Business Administration program - Management concentration. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in ACC105, BUS100, BUS103, ENL101 and an evaluative interview with the instructor / 3 credits.