Fire Fighting Tactics And Strategy

This course is concerned with basic fire fighting tactics and strategy; methods of attack; preplanning of fire problems including necessary equipment and manpower. Some fire problems will be presented for analysis and study, consistent with accepted practices from authoritative sources. The concepts of I.C.S. and R.I.C. will be discussed throughout the class. Prerequisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Hazardous Materials

This course reviews the fundamental physical and chemical principles which govern the behavior of Hazardous Materials. Specifically, the course deals with identifying hazardous materials and the hazards of solids, dusts, water reactive materials, liquids, gases, toxic materials, plastics, corrosives, oxidizing agents, explosives, radioactivity, LP gases, cryogenics, general hazards and electricity. Handling, transporting, storage and recommended fire fighting practices within extreme fire hazard areas are discussed. Laboratory demonstrations illustrate and supplement the class work. Prerequisite: CHM106 or CHM101 or CHM109 / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Hydraulics For The Fire Service

This course is concerned with the fundamentals of hydraulics and fluid mechanics as they relate to the firefighter and individuals involved in Fire Protection. Subjects to be studied include: principles of fluid statics, fluid motion, water supply testing, fire pump operation and fire suppression systems. Prerequisite: FSC150 or FSC100 and MAT030 or MAT035 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Fire Investigation And Evidence

This course will cover the methods used in determining the causes and circumstances of fire. The collecting and preserving of evidence will be covered; also, the preparation of evidence for court .Prerequisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Fire Department Management And Plan ning

An exploration of organization principles with emphasis on fire department organization; a study of history, types, methods, and principles of fire department organization; insurance and fire defense, personnel and equipment, water supply, departmental functions, and administrative problems. Prerequisite: FSC114 / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Fire Code And Ordinances

This course will review the codes which influence the field of fire prevention including the fire prevention regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (527 CMR). Also included will be Chapters 48, 143 and 148 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth as well as the Massachusetts Building Code, and the codes of the National Fire Protection Association. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Fire Company Management

A study of scope and functions of the fire company officer in the fire department. Topics discussed include: the role of the fire service, departmental procedures, administrative and management procedures, training, public relations, tactics and strategy, and fire prevention. Prerequisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Introduction To Technical Rescue

The student will receive instruction in the basic concepts of technical rescue. An explanation of related equipment, regulations and procedures to supervise and conduct technical rescue operations will be explained. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Intro to Incident Management

This course introduces the philosophy of emergency scene management, the National Incident Management System (N.I.M.S.), planning and preparation in anticipation of a likely emergency, and management of specific types of emergency situations including a review of lessons learned from historical incidents. This course is intended to acquaint students with the basic management tools needed to operate as a command officer at the scene of an emergency or disaster. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Shipboard Firefighting

This course is designed to give the students an understanding of the maritime industry by providing information on maritime terminology, ship construction, firefighting shipboard fire protection systems, and shipboard firefighting. The course focuses on the necessary tactics and strategies needed to deal with a maritime fire as well as the various agencies that can provide assistance in dealing with a shipboard fire. Students will be given a tour of a ship, during which time the systems will be explained and the shipboard firefighting problems discussed. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Principles of Emergency Services

(replaces FSC100) This course provides an overview of fire protection and emergency services; career opportunities in fire protection related fields; culture and history of emergency services; fire loss analysis; organization and function of public and private fire protection services; fire departments as part of local government; laws and regulations affecting the fire service; fire service nomenclature; specific fire protection functions; basic fire chemistry and physics; introduction to fire protection systems, fire strategy, and tactics; and life safety initiatives. Prerequisite: ENL108 or ESL201 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Fire Prevention

(replaces FSC101) This course provides fundamental knowledge relating to the field of the fire prevention. Topics include history and philosophy of fire prevention, organizations and operation of a fire prevention bureau, use and application of codes and standards, plan review, fire inspections, fire and life safety education, and fire investigation. Co-requisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Semester offered: Varies


Fire Protection Systems

(replaces FSC102) This course provides information relating to the features of design and operation of fire alarm systems, water based fire suppression systems, special hazard fire suppression systems, water supply for fire protection, and portable fire extinguishers. Co-requisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Semester offered: Varies


Building Construction for Fire Service

(replaces FSC104) This course provides the components of building construction related to fire fighters and life safety. The elements of construction design of structures are shown to be key factors when inspecting buildings, preplanning fire operations, and operating at emergencies. Co-requisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Semester offered: Varies


Fire Service Safety and Survival

This course introduces the basic principles and history related to the national firefighter life safety initiatives focusing on the need for cultural and behavioral change throughout the emergency services. Prerequisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Semester offered: varies


Fire Behavior and Combustion

This course explores the theories and fundamentals of how and why fires start, spread and are controlled. Co-requisite: FSC150 or FSC100 / 3 credits. Semester offered: Varies


Special Topics in Fire Science

This course will serve to deepen student's knowledge of subjects in Fire Science introductory courses and explore timely issues outside the established curriculum. Prerequisite: Any introductory level Fire Science course / 1 credit; may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Advanced Fire Investigation And Evi dence

This course will be an in-depth study of fraud fires including causes, investigation, courtroom preparation and motives. Hands-on experience for the identification of methods used in identifying techniques employed by arsonists and the collection of evidence will be covered in-depth on a field trip. A second field trip will include the study of evidence collection and analysis by the Massachusetts State Police Laboratory. Prerequisite: HF108 and HF105 / 3 class hours. 3 credits.