Plant and Soil Science

This course provides an in-depth introduction to plant classification, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and reproduction. Chemical and physical properties of soil as well as the relationship between soils and plant growth are emphasized. (3 class hours / 2 laboratory hours) Prerequisite: MAT020 or MAT025, ENL108 or ESL201 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores / 4 credits. Satisfies a Natural or Physical Science general education requirement. Offered: Fall, Spring.


Entomology And Plant Diseases

A survey of the common insect pests and pathogens of ornamental plants, including a review of the basic principles of entomology and plant pathology. Topics include biological diversity, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, ecology, behavior, insect/human relationships, pesticides, biological control, and the causes, nature and control of plant pathogens. A 'least is best' philosophy is emphasized, regarding use of pesticides in controlling the various competition for plant health. Integrated plant management is the basis for control strategy. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall


Woody Plant Identification And Cult ure

The identification and culture of native and ornamental plants and shrubs are discussed. Plant requirements, characteristics and placement, as well as susceptibility to diseases and pests are reviewed. Methods of pruning, fertilizing and special needs are discussed. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall


Turf Management

An introduction to the establishment and maintenance of turfgrass. Turfgrass and weed identification, cultural practices and maintenance are included. Insect and disease life cycles and control are reviewed. Integrated pest management (IPM) is emphasized. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall


Equipment Maintenance And Operation

Introduction and training in the repair, maintenance and safe operation of golf course and landscaping equipment. Maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures of small and large gasoline and diesel engines and basic welding are emphasized. Students learn the techniques of mowing a golf green and are instructed in the operation of a front end loader tractor. Methods and maintenance of irrigation systems are also included. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Horticulture Practicum

Work in an area of horticulture in a business, government or non-profit organization for at least 150 hours to receive practical training in the horticulture field. Students have an opportunity to develop and pursue challenging work experiences which relate directly to their individual career plan. A minimum of 150 hours in horticulture-related employment and a bi-weekly meeting with the Horticulture Program Coordinator. Prerequisite: Enrollment in an Horticulture certificate program. Pass-Fail / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer


Floral Design

This course is an introduction to the identification, care, handling and designing of floral crops. It makes the student aware of the various business challenges of a retail florist operation and makes them capable of successfully dealing with those challenges. Emphasis is placed on preparing the student with the skills to work as a floral designer. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Herbaceous Plant Identification & Culture

The identification and culture of herbaceous annuals, perennials, groundcovers and vines are discussed. Students will review propagation, placement and pest vulnerability of herbaceous plants commonly used in the landscape. Prerequisite: HOR101 / 3 credits. Offered: Spring


Landscape Design And Construction

Introduction to landscape design including site analysis, estimation of costs of installation, selection of site furnishings, and construction of walks, steps and walls. Prerequisite: HOR103 / 3 credits. Offered: Spring