Professor Kate Martin

Professor, History

B.A., Northeastern University
M.A., Boston University

“This is a fantastic environment to start your college experience. The faculty, the staff, the whole place is set to help you succeed.”

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Professor Scott Anderson

Art Coordinator

B.A. Moray House College of Education
M.F.A. Drawing & Painting, Edinburgh College of Art

“It’s important for the student to understand, apply and experiment with visual language. Through this both student and teacher can reach a place for clear discussion and critique of the work. We develop a language through which to research, develop and realize ideas visually.”

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Professor Mary Sullivan

Chairperson, Department of Mathematics

B.S. in Mathematics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
M.S. in Statistics, Kansas State University

“I love the challenge of everyday trying to communicate mathematical ideas, making understandable, making math practical to students who maybe haven't had a good experience with it in the past.”

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Professor Laura Seabury

Professor, Nursing

Nursing, A.S., Cape Cod Community College
B.S.N., M.S.N., University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

“The students that attend Cape Cod Community College are bright, they're driven. Cape Cod Community College's Nursing Program is exceptional!”

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Professor Rachael Bancroft

Professor, Language & Literature

English, B.S., University of Massachusetts-Amherst
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts Lowell

“I know my students have amazing stories to tell … reading from different points of view is a valuable experience for me.”

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Dr. Cate Casey-Lane

Professor, Nursing

AAS in Nursing, Atlantic Community College; BSN, Stockton College; MSN, University of Pennsylvania; DNP, Regis College

“I love that Cape Cod Community College services a variety of ages … we have such a variety of students.”

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Professor Nancy Willets

Professor, Communication

Communication, B.A., M.S., State University of New York at Cortland

“This is where I started my academic career. We're going to give you the opportunity to be a better you … try it, you're going to love it; we're going to take care of you.”

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Professor Fredrick Bsharah

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Engineering

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame
M.S. Engineering Systems, University of California Los Angeles
Thesis: A Human Factors Approach to Efficient, Computer Based, Interactive Information Systems

Fredrick “Rick” Bsharah has always been fascinated with new technologies and our ability as a society to do more as a result of technology. He brings to his classes his future-forward perspective of technology and utilization, which is especially crucial in today’s digital age.

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As an accomplished engineer with backgrounds in airframe design, information integration engineering and technology, data modeling and analysis and automotive design and manufacturing; Bsharah has been a pioneer in establishing industry standardization and alignment within the engineering and manufacturing fields. He is an active member of the STEM revitalization on campus and is responsible for developing the engineering curriculum for the College with an emphasis on 3D modeling, robotics and PLM Engineering.

Bsharah’s passion for technology and standardization is fueled by a personal interest in allowing society to take advantage of any and all new technologies to improve our world. The benefits to such manufacturing alignment extend to resource management and a decrease in wasted materials for a more prosperous economy and a productive society.

When asked what sets Cape Cod Community College apart from other institutions of higher education, he answers: “People don’t expect to find the depth and breadth we offer for an education in engineering, especially as a community college in an area most associated with vacationing. We have multiple, different kinds of 3D printers, we have multiple brands and different kinds of robots; we have advanced mathematics courses and we have a knowledgeable, passionate faculty who are willing to guide their students through potential career paths, even if that means helping students shape their future outside of engineering.”

Professor Sara Ringler

Coordinator for Visual Arts, Professor of Studio Arts

B.F.A. Painting & Printmaking, University at Buffalo
M.F.A. Painting & Printmaking, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Professor Sara Ringler believes any problem can be solved using creative thinking. She understands not all of her students will pursue an art career, and that’s okay; it’s her goal to help all of her students see the world differently and creatively, no matter where life takes them.

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As a talented painter, printmaker, potter and art curator with a long-time personal interest in papermaking and book arts, Ringler realized her passion for teaching while studying for her master’s degree. She brought to 4Cs the first-ever printmaking course, and has since helped develop the studio arts curriculum for the College.

Ringler has always loved being the student, and applies her passions to the art classes she teaches, allowing herself to learn from her students as much as they learn from her. She hopes to expand the creative thinking of her students to help develop their critical thinking skills and apply a creative outlook in their future achievements.

Along with her colleagues, Ringler has developed a close relationship with both UMass Dartmouth and the Mass College of Arts, to help her students transfer and continue their education. In fact, the curriculum she has developed lays a foundation for these two liberal arts institutions, and Ringler encourages her students to take her classes as a means to build their portfolios.

“The studio art classroom is a place for the students to explore and experiment with the creative process. It is a place to introduce students to possibilities in art and to engage in thoughtful dialog and development of visual expertise with materials and process. Above all it is an exciting place in which to be challenged by new ideas and possibilities.”