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Institutional Research and Planning


Our mission is to provide accurate and timely information and analysis to support the strategic planning, accreditation, student assessment and institutional effectiveness activities of the college.

Responsibilities and Activities

We provide leadership to the college in three connected areas:

Institutional Research

  • Ensure compliance with reporting to federal and state agencies
  • Organize and support the college's participation in external benchmarking studies and surveys
  • Produce official term and annual college statistics reports and maintain report archive
  • Provide research and analyses as needed for internal and external constituents
  • Coordinate data needs, data collection efficiency and data integrity across the college
  • Refine and adapt analyses and reports to anticipate academic and administrative needs
  • Provide leadership for the college's Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Strategic Planning

  • Provide leadership and technical assistance to support the development of the strategic plan and annual updates
  • Monitor achievement or progress towards the college's strategic goals
  • Conduct primary and secondary data analyses of internal and external data sources to provide contextual information for decision-making
  • Design, analyze and present data and information across the college to promote a culture of inquiry and build capacity among faculty and staff

Assessment and Accreditation

  • Use data and research to identify areas of weakness, opportunities for improvement and to guide changes in policy and practice that lead to better outcomes for students
  • Support applied outcomes research and program evaluation for academic and administrative units
  • Provide technical assistant and coordination for comprehensive and systematic assessment and accreditation efforts, including annual plans for improvement
  • Collaborate with the Teaching and Learning Center for faculty and staff development
  • Ensure compliance with accreditation standards and reporting
  • Coordinate the college accreditation efforts with the Massachusetts Department of Education's assessment initiatives

Contact Information

Shuqi Wu, Director
Office Tilden Arts A209
Phone 774.330.4574
Ellen Scott, Staff Associate
Office Tilden Arts A210
Phone 774.330.4692