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MassTransfer Application Walk Through

For graduating students who are eligible for MassTransfer:

1. Apply early in your last semester!

2. Review the MassTransfer information

3. Visit the universities if possible. If not, take a virtual tour if it is available at the university website.

4. Decide if you are eligible for MassTransfer by reviewing the approved transfer agreements (pay attention to any special courses/requirements associated with your major) or contact the CCCC Transfer Office.

5. If you determine you are not eligible for MassTransfer, see: Transfer Application Process (non-MassTransfer)

6. Look at the MassTransfer Application website to see if you can apply online or with the paper application. Follow the directions on the web page to apply. The application process is free and does not require an essay. Please note: The Preferred filing dates are not hard and fast and in most cases you can apply after those dates, but check on individual university websites to see their final transfer deadlines.The application is free so it never hurts to apply.

7. You can apply to more than one State/UMass university through MassTransfer.

8. Visit to have your 4Cs transcript sent.  Request your transcript when you apply and then again after you graduate.

9. Request transcripts from any other college(s) you attended and submit those transcripts to the university(s).

10. If you have AP, IB or CLEP credits, check with the colleges to see if they require official AB/IB/CLEP transcripts. 

11. Make sure FAFSA information is sent to the university(s) by the deadline if possible. Check each university website for FAFSA priority deadline. Please note: you can still apply using the FAFSA after the priority deadline.

12. Check on transfer scholarships if your GPA is above a 3.0. Please note: 4Cs has a scholarship process for graduates, once a year, around February and March.  Students graduating May, August and January are all eligible to apply for those scholarships.

13. If a university doesn't send you log-in information to check on the status of your application, then contact the university admissions office a few weeks after submitting documents and make sure they received everything you sent.

14. Wait! Each college processes applications differently and respond at different times; don't make a decision until you receive your acceptance letter, a financial aid package and know how your credits transfer.

15. Most schools require an admissions deposit, and if applicable, a housing deposit. You must pay the deposit(s) to secure your spot at the university. The deposit is not an extra charge; it will be deducted from your bill. If you can't afford the deposit, and you expect to receive financial aid, you can check with the admissions office to see if they can use the financial aid for the deposit(s).

16. Check in with the 4CsTransfer Office in your last semester to see how MassTransfer will work for you at your intended university.

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