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The Mathematics Department at Cape Cod Community College offers a broad range of courses to meet the varied needs of students pursuing their academic goals. Course offerings range from arithmetic to algebra, calculus for business, calculus and analytical geometry, linear algebra, survey of mathematics, and statistics

Associate in Arts Degree

Through math related coursework, you will learn to think logically and abstractly, and develop the problem-solving and computational skills necessary in all fields of study. Courses within the mathematics curriculum generally fulfill general education and transfer requirements.

Before enrolling in a mathematics course, students should speak with an advisor to ensure the appropriate placement.

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New students take the Accuplacer, a computerized test, to identify strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. The results of the Accuplacer will ensure placement in the appropriate class. This is very important to building a solid plan for success.

The Accuplacer designed using adaptive techniques. This means the computer will automatically determine which questions to present depending on the response to prior questions. By zeroing in on the questions that are neither too difficult nor too easy, the number of test questions can be limited.

Accuplacer, unlike many pencil and paper placement tests, is untimed. This helps to eliminate the pressure and test anxiety that students often feel. An untimed test can also be beneficial for students with learning disabilities who often need more time than usual for testing. Students with a documented disability who require other types of accommodations may schedule a special testing session.

A review session is conducted periodically to help prepare students to take the Accuplacer.


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