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Cape Cod Community College is pleased to offer a convenient way to pursue your college education with academic credit courses on Martha's Vineyard. Whether you are looking to complete your degree, train for a new career, or simply try out a college class, we make it as easy as possible to get the training and credentials you need by offering quality education close-to-home.

Spring 2019

Algebra for Non-STEM (MAT035-67) 3 credits (non-degree)
Instructor: Carole Flanders
Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00–8:30pm
Location: Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, Room 520

An algebra course designed to prepare students for college-level non-STEM math courses, address the quantitative needs of other disciplines, and develop quantitative reasoning skills for citizenship and workplace. Concepts are introduced through meaningful applications and in-class activities. Topics include proportional reasoning, scientific notation, creating and interpreting tables and graphs, solving linear and quadratic equations algebraically, solving systems of linear equations, linear and non-linear functions, and creating mathematical models of real-world problems using technology. (5 contact hours)

Prerequisite: MAT025 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score

Classroom Management: Skills/strategies (ECE221-67) 3 credits
Instructor: Debra Murphy
Schedule: Hybrid with four Saturday sessions, 9:15am–12:15pm (1/26, 2/16, 4/6, 5/4)
Location: Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, LCR

This course explores classroom management strategies for inclusive toddler, preschool, and after-school settings; including creating a pro-social environment, resilience and risk factors, and using a positive, respectful approach to guiding children based on knowledge of child development. (6 hours observation/field work)

Prerequisite: PSY201 or ECE110

English Composition I (ENL101-67) 3 credits
Instructor: Margaret M. Regan
Schedule: Saturday 9:00am–12:00pm
Location: Martha's Vineyard Regional High School

ENL101 is an introductory college composition course required of all AA and AS-degree students and prerequisite to all other college-level English courses. It is designed to help students develop and express ideas clearly and effectively using standard American English through frequent writing and the study of rhetorical patterns of development. Students learn to write essays using a recognized scholarly documentation style.

Prerequisite: Appropriate scores in Reading Comprehension and in Sentence Skills on Computerized Placement Test or grade of C or better in ENL020 and ENL050 or ESL201. Co-requisite: ENL108.

Note: Satisfies English Composition/Writing general education requirement.

General Psychology (PSY101-06) 3 credits
Instructor: Sherianna Boyle
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:00–9:50am
Location: Martha's Vineyard Regional High School (Note: This course will be live-streamed from the 4Cs campus.)

Introduction to the major concepts and principles underlying human behavior and mental processes. Topics include personality theory, development, learning and thought, brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, stress and physical health, abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, and social psychology.

Prerequisite: ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores

Note: Satisfies a Behavioral and Social Sciences general education requirement.

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