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4Cs Announces Fall 2021 Plans Including New “HyFlex” Courses

May 13, 2021

Cape Cod Community College’s (4Cs) plan for Fall 2021 semester course options includes face-to-face, online, remote, hybrid, and a new “HyFlex” modality that will allow students to choose whether or not they take a class in-person or remotely.

4Cs will ramp up its face-to-face offerings on campus in September, adhering to safety protocols that include continued temperature checks upon entry to the campus, social distancing in the classroom, and masks. The College’s new HyFlex option will allow students to choose if they wish to be in-person or remote for select classes. In these courses, some students will be face-to-face while others can join remotely via Zoom.

 “We are extremely excited to bring people back to our campus while continuing to provide courses to our students wherever they are,” said John Cox, President of Cape Cod Community College. “Over the past year, we’ve watched as our students pushed through previously unheard of challenges to thrive in the virtual classroom. While we know that many have a desire to be back in the classroom, we also acknowledge that online and remote learning has been a benefit to many students balancing their personal lives with their education. It’s with this in mind that we have launched our HyFlex model and will continue to offer the highest quality online learning experiences alongside face-to-face classes.”

In online classes at 4Cs, students complete all of their work in a virtual space on timelines that work around their individual schedules. This differs from remote classes, where students complete all of their work online and also meet regularly via Zoom at scheduled times during the week, and hybrid classes, where most of their work is finished online with designated face-to-face meetings on campus.

“The reality for the modern learner is that the traditional 14-week, face-to-face semester isn’t always the best fit,” said Arlene Rodriguez, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Cape Cod Community College. “Through the pandemic we’ve seen success rates in our online and remote classes rise. We’ve also seen significant growth in enrollment for our 7-week ‘Quick Term’ semesters and our new 5-week Summer courses. Our mission is to provide multiple options for our students so they can pick the format that works for their learning styles and personal schedules.”

Registration is currently open for 14 and 7-week Fall classes starting September 7 and 5-week Summer classes that start June 7. For more information on registration, contact the 4Cs Admissions team at or by phone/text at 508-808-8035.