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Cape Cod Community College Establishes New Transfer Partnership, Scholarship Opportunity with Champlain College Online

May 18, 2021

Cape Cod Community College is proud to announce a new student transfer partnership with Champlain College Online (CCO). This partnership establishes a personalized pathways program for students attending 4Cs to seamlessly transfer into guaranteed online Bachelor’s Degree programs at CCO while staying on Cape Cod and in our surrounding communities.

CCO, based out of Burlington, Vermont, offers more than 60 online degree programs that encompass four in-demand areas of study: Business, Cyber Security, Healthcare, and Information Technology. Students at 4Cs can enter the pathways program which provides personalized advising from both colleges that keeps them on-track for a seamless transfer pathway into an online Bachelor’s Degree.

“Most of the students we serve are from right here on Cape Cod, the Islands, and the greater Plymouth area. They are truly the backbone of our local economy and the community,” said Dr. John Cox, President of Cape Cod Community College. “While many graduate and immediate starting working, we acknowledge that obtaining further higher education increases earnings and quality of life. For many of our students, this often means leaving the region to obtain their Bachelor’s Degrees and other advanced credentials. Through this transfer partnership with CCO, our students won’t have to leave the region to get that degree.” 

Craig Morong, Vice-Chair of the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation, helped make the connection between the two institutions by creating a new scholarship that will support 4Cs students transferring to CCO.

“What drew us as a family to Champlain College was their emphasis on careers in-demand for the 21st century, passionate educators, and a student body that offers both diversity and ensures that the student is not a number,” Morong said. “The concept of this partnership is to provide a first-rate education with a leader in career-oriented learning, while allowing our students at 4Cs the benefit of living here on the Cape. Our Family Foundation has created a dedicated scholarship for this program that will fund a number of full, merit-based scholarships that will cover tuition, books, and all the essentials needed to graduate with a B.S. or a B.A. from Champlain College.”

A division of Champlain College, Champlain College Online is a regionally accredited, nonprofit, 100% remote college designed for adult learners.

“This agreement represents new opportunities to better serve hard-working, busy, and driven students looking to continue their education beyond their associate degrees,” said Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, President of Champlain College. “Providing virtual resources to students seeking affordable, accessible, and supportive online college experiences is at the very heart of everything we do here at Champlain College. We believe that through this inaugural collaboration, Cape Cod Community College associate degree students will soon join the Champlain family.”

Registration is currently open at Cape Cod Community College for 14 and 7-week Fall classes starting September 7 and 5-week Summer classes that start June 7. For more information on registration, contact the 4Cs Admissions team at or by phone/text at 508-808-8035. 

For more information on Champlain College Online and how to apply, please visit