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Request Services

  1. Contact the O'Neill Center at 774.330.4533 to discuss the documentation needed based on the student’s disability. It is the student's responsibility to make his or her needs known to the College well in advance and to provide appropriate documentation of disability if services are requested.

    Request Services Packet and Form

    Students can request accommodations at any point in the semester. However, we urge students to start this process early. Accommodations are not retroactive; they go into effect only after the student complete all of the steps in the process.
  2. Submit appropriate documentation of the disability to the O'Neill Center.

    ADD/ADHD: Psychological Evaluation/Neuropsychological Evaluation or Verification of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder form

    Autism: Psychological Evaluation/Neuropsychological Evaluation or Verification of Psychiatric/Mental Health Disability form

    Learning Disability: Psychological Evaluation/Neuropsychological Evaluation

    Blind or Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Medical or Physical Disability: Verification of Physical Disability

    Psychiatric/Mental Health Disability: Psychological Evaluation/Neuropsychological Evaluation or Verification of Psychiatric/Mental Health Disability form

    Please note: Evaluations or other documentation provided must be dated within the last 3 years. The documentation must support the need for each reasonable accommodation requested.
  3. Schedule and attend an intake appointment with O’Neill Center staff to discuss and request specific accommodations. Make appointment with O’Neill Staff member based on the documented disability:

    Jaclyn Kotowski, Learning Disabilities Specialist
    ADD or ADHD
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    Doug Terry, Coordinator O’Neill Center
    Blind or Low Vision
    Deaf or Hearing Impaired
    Medical or Physical Disability
    Psychiatric/Mental Health Disability
  4. Pick up your College Accommodation Plan
  5. Meet privately with each instructor every semester to confirm relevant course accommodations. If possible, meet prior to the start of the semester. Please contact the O’Neill Center if you need assistance facilitating a meeting with your instructors.

Please report problems regarding accommodations to the O’Neill Center in a timely and reasonable manner. Cape Cod Community College has established informal and formal grievance procedures to resolve differences between students and the O’Neill Center or instructors regarding reasonable accommodations. The student has the right to seek a review if such a difference arises. If a student opts to pursue an informal complaint, they may later pursue a formal grievance if not satisfied with the resolution of the informal process.

Though not required, students are asked to discuss their concerns first with the Coordinator of the O’Neill Center or the L.D. Specialist who they are working with to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

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