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STEM Starter Academy at 4Cs

Interested in pursing a degree or a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM)?

Our STEM Starter Academy helps you find their way onto STEM Pathways that lead to elevated learning and transfer/career options in high-demand fields.

Our STEM team is here to help you succeed in your program, support you to graduation, and have your back when you move into a career. From scholarships to peer tutoring, there's huge benefits from getting involved in the STEM Starter Academy at 4Cs.

You can also apply today to become a S-STEM Scholar at 4Cs!

The STEM Starter Academy funds scholarships for students enrolled in a STEM concentration at 4Cs. That includes students in Computer Science (AACSC), Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing (ASEAM), Environmental Studies (AAENV), Information Technology (ASINT), and Science, Mathematics, and Pre-Engineering (AASMP).


Throughout the academic year, the STEM Starter Academy supports advising to help increase students’ awareness of STEM pathways. At 4Cs, Colleen Coughlin serves as the STEM Academic Advisor. She works directly with students interested in STEM and supports them in understanding college and career pathways.

The STEM Starter Academy also supports Peer Tutors and Supplemental Instructors (SIs) across STEM courses. Students have found that they learn more when they have the chance to work with their peers, and they develop valuable friendships as well. SIs are Peer Tutors who participate in the course as well as tutor students outside the course.

Knowing what “doing STEM” looks like, or what it means to be in a STEM career, helps increase student interest and involvement in STEM learning. Various SSA-funded career and outreach events are helping the College reach and retain STEM students in these ways.

Contact the STEM Starter Academy

STEM Starter Academy
Director Bridget Burger
Phone 774.330.4459