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STEM Starter Academy at 4Cs

Here to help you navigate your pathway in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The STEM Starter Academy (SSA) is here to help you navigate your pathway in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The SSA team provides support and guidance to make sure that you experience success that leads to a rewarding future.

Below are just some of the advantages you’ll receive by working with the STEM Starter Academy:

You can also apply today to become a S-STEM Scholar at 4Cs!

STEM Events at 4Cs

Each semester, SSA offers events and activities designed to help students achieve success every step of the way. From speaker panels with industry experts to transfer discussions with partner universities, and career preparation and mock interviews with local employers, SSA is there to support you.

STEM Scholarships

Every year, the STEM Starter Academy offers multiple scholarships to students across Massachusetts. It’s a great way to get a boost and save some money on your path to a degree in STEM.

SSA funds scholarships for students enrolled in a STEM concentration at 4Cs. That includes students in any of the STEM fields as defined by SSA: Aviation, Computer Science , Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Information Technology/Cybersecurity, Mathematics, Science, and more!

For more information on what scholarships are available, and how to apply, contact Bridget Burger at

Summer Bridge Program

Each summer the SSA sponsors the Summer Bridge program at Cape Cod Community College, which is designed to give first-year, full-time STEM students a head start on their math and build study skills. In the Summer Bridge Program, you’ll receive funding for one mathematics course and one "Success in STEM" first-year seminar, plus a stipend of $1,000 to support you while you are in Fall courses.

You’ll also become more familiar with campus resources, gain study skills, explore STEM careers, set academic and career goals, and make connections with other STEM students and faculty. Students who enroll in Summer Bridge are also offered a spot in Success Coaching for the duration of their time at 4Cs. Speaking of which…

Success Coaching & Supplemental Instruction Leaders

Throughout the academic year, SSA supports Success Coaching to a cohort of STEM students. Students meet at least twice each semester with their Success Coach, who monitors progress, connects them with academic and career resources, such as study groups, Supplemental Instruction, mentoring, scholarships, career placement, and transfer advice. There are currently additional spaces available for students to start receiving Success Coaching next semester. 

SSA also hires students to become Supplemental Instructor (SI) Leaders across STEM courses. As an SI Leader, you’ll have a chance to work with peers and develop valuable friendships.

STEM Summer Transfer Academies

The SSA offers STEM Summer Transfer Academies at all Massachusetts public colleges and universities. This is designed for students transferring to a four-year school in STEM after spending time at a community college first. Each campus has designed a unique program that allows admitted students transferring from MA community colleges in qualifying STEM programs to take a FREE 3 credit required course, take part in cohort-building activities at their new campus, and prepare to be successful in their next steps.

Applications open after March 1, and preference is given to STEM Starter Academy students.

Contact the STEM Starter Academy

STEM Starter Academy
Director Bridget Burger
Phone 774.330.4459