Commonwealth Honors Spotlight

CCCC student Steven MottSpotlight on Steven Mott

Steven Mott is on track to graduate in May as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar. His Associate's degree and concentration are Liberal Arts. Steven isn't sure yet of his transfer college or university, but he will be seeking an IT degree with plans to work in the network management field.

Steven is a self-proclaimed procrastinator saying that his biggest challenge is doing work assignments in a timely manner. Steven acknowledged his gratitude to two instructors by saying that both Professor Martin, who is his advisor as well as favorite instructor, and Professor Togun, have made taking classes at the college fun. Both bring a real enthusiasm to class which sparks his interest in the course material.

Steven has a piano at home which he looks forward to learning to play after the semester is over.


Previous Spotlights

CCCC student Alexandra CharronAlexandra Charron

Congratulations to Alexandra Charron who is on track to graduate in May as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar. Allie aspires to transfer to Lesley University to major in Counseling with a minor in Art Therapy in preparation to become a Child Life Specialist.

She wishes to incorporate her passion for art into her profession. Allie pursues her interest in art in her current business, Trees of Beads, where she creates sun catchers and pendants.

She expresses gratitude to Kate Martin, Kristen Traywick, Rachael Bancroft, and Christine McCarey who supported her in her CCCC journey.

CCCC student John Doiron, JrJohn Doiron, Jr.

John Doiron is on track to graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar in May. With a major in English Literature and a minor in Philosophy, he aspires to become a teacher.

He said that Dr. Michael Olendzenski taught him how to write effectively, which in John's words, "has brought me further than I ever thought I'd go."

He added, "I've always had a knack for reading and writing, both creative and academic. Also, I've always been good at thinking in the abstract. But I was able to hone these skills under the guidance of, I believe, some of the best professors who exist today. I have gone from an uncaring and underachieving high school student to an overachieving college student in a mere year-and-a-half, and the transformation would not have happened so smoothly without the depth of wisdom, breadth of knowledge, refinement of skill, and indelible passion of the professors at Cape Cod Community College."

CCCC student Lia Anastaia F. Fegbeitel-FinnLia Anastasia F. Fegbeitel-Finn

Lia Anastasia is on track to graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar in May with the intention of transferring in Business to either Boston University or the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her ultimate goal is to get a Master's degree in Business Management and to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

Lia Anastasia was born in Germany, finishing her high school diploma in Hamburg in 2010. From there, she took a year-long voyage to explore other cultures, languages, and people, starting in Singapore and from there, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. She said, "Being on my own in foreign countries allowed me to grow up quickly, learn to trust myself, and I believe it shaped me into the open and ambitious person that I am today."

When asked about her experience at CCCC, Lia Anastasia added, "My advisor Professor Kathleen Bent, has been very helpful while planning out my courses, so that I can graduate within a year and a half. Phi Theta Kappa and its advisor Professor Kate Martin have brought fellowship to the Community College experience, and I am happy to be the V.P. of Leadership. However, there have been many great Professors on the way that I was delighted to take a class with, as well as the professionals at the Tutoring / Reading & Writing Center, who have been such a pleasure to work with and receive input from."

CCCC student Joshua DykensSpotlight on Joshua S. Dykens

Josh is on track to graduate in May as a Commonwealth Honors Program Scholar with an Associate degree in Science in Business Administration. He aspires to transfer to Babson College to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a duel concentration in Finance and Economics. He seeks to pursue a career within the financial services industry and eventually start his own firm.

Josh is the Student Trustee, the President of the Commonwealth Honors Program Club, a member of the Commonwealth Honors Program Student Council, attending every meeting, a member of the Economics Club, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He has also, while attending CCCC, been a Presidential Ambassador and a student tutor. Josh presented in Gettysburg at the last Northeast Regional Honors Conference.

Josh thanks his mentors at Cape Cod Community College: J. Delores Bird, Virender Gautam, Michael Bejtlich, Marie Keough, Negash Yusef, and President John Cox.

CCCC student Gabrielle RossonGabrielle Rosson

Gabrielle Rosson is on track to graduate in May as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. She hopes to transfer to Bridgewater University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English with Teaching Licensure.

Her greatest challenge thus far has been learning the art of time management as a full-time student and a single parent.  Gabrielle shared, "As a high school dropout, I never believed I could achieve academic success. When I received the Wilkens' Family Scholarship, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that there was a group of people who believed in me. I am passionate about completing my educational goals and being a good role model for my children."

Gabrielle added that Professor Vana Trudeau, PJ McKey, Kate Martin, Lee Haselton, Polly Lincoln,Tony Furtado, and Kelly Gates were all invaluable in my success as a student.

CCCC student Leanna StringerLeanna Stringer

Leanna Stringer is on target to graduate in May with an Associate degree in Liberal Arts in preparation for her Bachelor's degree in Social Work at Bridgewater State University. Leanna's goal is to earn her MSW and to participate in social justice movements, in grassroots work with marginalized populations, and most importantly, in opportunities to educate the general population on social justice issues.

Her biggest challenge is learning how to manage her time as a working, full-time student. Leanna says that the Advantage Program has been her support system from day one: the staff, her fellow students, her fellow peer mentors, and the tutors have always been there to assist with any questions, problems, predicaments, or general help.

Leanna shares her Journey, "I am a first generation college student. I was an average high school student, just scraping by with no real goals in mind. I began college four years after graduating high school, still with no concrete plans. My eyes were opened to a whole new world when I was enrolled in Principles of Sociology, and it resonated with my personal values and beliefs in social justice. Now, by actually studying and dedicating effort into my courses, I've been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and have done well in Honors-level courses. In fall 2015, I worked as a Peer Mentor in the Advantage Program for matriculating students, and this current semester I'm working as the only Peer Tutor in the program, assisting with English/Writing. It's a wonderful feeling when you see those under your care succeed!"

CCCC student Alison LeporatiAlison Leporati

Alison is on track to graduate in May as a Commonwealth Honors Program Scholar with an Associate degree in Liberal Arts concentrating in Education.  She hopes to transfer to Bridgewater, Smith, or Lesley where she will complete her degree in Education with plans to teach in high school.  A Master's degree in Psychology is also in her future.

Alison said, "The greatest challenge is balancing my love for learning and being part of the 4C's community with full-time work and my amazing children. I have found early mornings are the key to study survival as well as learning how to utilize small breaks in the day. The hardest part with so many moving parts is when and if one of my children becomes ill…"

Alison added, "The instructors at 4C's are truly gifted. We are blessed as students to have them sharing their knowledge. I often tell my customers about the level of intellect and compassion I am grateful to interact with during my classes. When I returned to higher education, my first teacher was Professor Burt who inspired and reignited my love for English. Professor Patricia Allen's wit, charm, and pure love of literature and teaching created such an enjoyable experience in my short story class. Professor Etter's passion (and patience) during Environmental Science made me realize her class is fundamental to humanity as a whole.  Professor Claudine Barnes' ability to turn post-civil war history into the most engaging 'Ted Talk' each and every time rewrote much of the history I learned twenty years ago and pushed me to dive deeper into the America I live in."

Alison said that she is passionate about the loves of her life, Ella May and Zachariah, and their new little sister who is due after graduation!