Frequently Asked Questions

CampusWeb: What is CampusWeb?
CampusWeb is our online Student Information System. Through CampusWeb, faculty are able to access class lists, review student information summaries, enter mid-term and final grades, and access secure forms. You can access CampusWeb from the College web site Log in using your User Name (the same as your e-mail address minus the "") and your Password that was assigned and e-mailed to your College e-mail address by the Information Technology office. You may change this password after your first log-in. If you do not know your password please use the “I forgot my password” link or contact the Help Desk at HelpDesk@capecod. or ext. 4004. Once you have logged-in, click on the Faculty tab. A variety of useful information is available for you. Navigate the site by using the links in the menu on the left – Overview, Course Search, Custom Reports, Teaching Availability, Facilities, Grade Entry, My Courses, Resources, Secure Forms.

Select "My Courses" to see the courses you are scheduled to teach. Click on each course, and you will be able to open a Class List for that course. CampusWeb also allows you to print class lists for attendance purposes and can provide more detailed Class Lists with contact information. You can also e-mail students in a class with one e-mail.

To view a student transcript, click on "Custom Reports," then "Student Information Summary."

CampusWeb is also used to enter mid-term warning grades and final grades for each course that you are teaching.

Class List/Rosters: How do I get a class list?
Class lists are used to record attendance and to process grades. Please refer to CampusWeb above for more information.

College Meetings
The responsibilities of the College Meeting are to discuss, formulate and recommend to the President major academic matters, and to communicate items of common interest to the various constituencies of the Meeting. College Meetings are scheduled each month during the academic year. The College Meeting schedule is distributed by the President's office. A copy of the schedule should be posted on the Department's bulletin board. Adjunct faculty are welcome to attend but they are not obligated to do so.

For questions regarding copyright, please consult the College's Copyright Officer at 508.362.2131 x4618. The College's copyright policy was cooperatively developed for all of the Massachusetts Community Colleges.

Cape Cod Community College Copyright PolicyPDF document

Course Material
Adjunct faculty must submit course materials no later than the end of the first week of classes. The official College syllabus is available online. The instructor's course outline should be developed by the faculty member. These course materials should be forwarded to the Division Dean (via the administrative assistant) prior to the end of the first week of classes. Please refer to the MCCC DCE Agreement for more information.

Course Cancellations: Is my course running this semester?
Course cancellations due to low enrollment occurs prior to the outset of the semester. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the date of final cancellations. Depending on the enrollment as of the cancellation date, instructors are usually contacted by the Dean and given the option to teach at the negotiated per student salary rate.

Department Meetings
Department meetings are scheduled each semester; dates should be posted in the Department. The agenda and meeting notes are distributed via e-mail. Adjunct faculty are welcome to attend but they are not obligated to do so.

E-mail: How do I get an e-mail account?
The College's main source of communication is through e-mail. Your college e-mail account is arranged through the Human Resources office and is set by the department of Information Technology. It is important for you to check your e-mail account every day. It is also important to empty your "Deleted Items" folder regularly because this affects your mailbox size. If your mailbox is full, you will not be able to send or receive e-mail.

Contact the Help Desk (x4004 or if you need assistance accessing your e-mail from your home computer.

Emergencies: What should I do in an emergency?
In the event of an emergency, dial 911 from a college phone line. Police, fire, and medical emergencies should be reported by dialing 911 from landline telephones located in the hallways, classrooms, or offices in all buildings on campus.

Is a student in distress? Prior to the start of the semester, please familiarize yourself with My4Cs. Look in the Health & Wellness section for CALM – Crisis & Life Management. This site provides resources and contacts if you are in need of assistance or if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

More emergency information is available through the Office of Public Safety.

Evaluations: How do I get evaluated?
In accordance with their contract, all faculty are subject to student evaluations in each course taught. Please refer to the MCCC DCE contract for details. Instructions for the student evaluation process are distributed to the administrative assistants by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Instructors receive a computerized printout of the results and are welcome to review any written comments on the hard copy. Evaluation forms are kept on file for one year in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and are available for review by appointment.

Additionally, the Division Dean of your area performs classroom observations. Typically, these observations are arranged in advance.

Field Trips: How do I arrange to take my class on a field trip?
The Office of Student Life located in the Life Fitness Center, assists by providing the appropriate forms for the approval of the field trip. When planning the field trip, keep in mind that it should not conflict with any other classes. The field trip packet including the itinerary, travel authorization form, other appropriate forms, and a list of the names and emergency contact numbers of all members of the group should be approved by the Academic Dean and the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs prior to the trip. Additional information pertaining field trips and the faculty's responsibilities can be found in the Academic Policy & Procedures manual.

Grades: How do I process my grades?
You will officially enter grades for your students twice during the semester, once at mid-term and again at the end of the semester. All grades are entered electronically through CampusWeb. Refer to CampusWeb (above) for instructions on how to access CampusWeb. Students may view their grades electronically through CampusWeb.

Mid-term warning grades are given only to those students with grades of C- or lower. Students are notified of the mid-term warning grade postings via email from the Registrar. Students can access their grades through CampusWeb.

Faculty should enter a grade of NS (no show) for students who have never attended their class. This is important because it affects other areas of the administrative process i.e. Financial Aid, Business Office. Students who have stopped attending class can receive an ABS grade.

Final grades are submitted electronically to the Registrar after the end of the semester. This date is published on the Academic Calendar. It is extremely important that your grades be submitted by the due date and in the format required by the Registrar. Failure to submit grades on time interrupts many other College processes, including student academic progress reviews and appeals, and graduation.

Incomplete grades (INC) may be recorded at the discretion of the instructor. Please refer to the Academic Policy & Procedures manual for details.

An instructor may change an existing grade up to two years from the time the original grade was posted by submitting a completed Change of Grade form. The Change of Grade form is available in CampusWeb under Secured Forms. This completed form must be signed by the instructor and submitted to the Dean for signature.

Additional information regarding Grades can be found in the Academic Policy & Procedures Manual.

ID Cards: Where do I get an ID card?
Cape Cod Community College issues identification cards to enrolled students, faculty, and staff. You may obtain an ID card from the Office of College Police and Public Safety, Monday-Wednesday, 10:00am–3:00pm in Grossman Commons room GC6. During evening hours, ID cards are produced at the Wilkens Library from 4:00–7:30pm Monday-Thursday during the regular semester. Barcodes for accessing Library resources are available at the Wilkens Library Circulation Desk.

Keys: How do I get an office key?
You will need a keycard to access your office and classroom. The department administrative assistant will order a keycard for you.

Mail: Where do I receive and send my interoffice mail?
Each department has a designated location for mail. If you teach on campus, each faculty member is assigned a mailbox in the department that they are assigned to. The department administrative assistant sorts the mail – both U.S. and interoffice mail. Outgoing mail can be left in the bin next to the department mailboxes. The administrative assistant will bring the outgoing mail to the mailroom for pick up by our contracted mail carrier.

Moodle: What is Moodle?
Moodle is our Learning Management System. Moodle is used to support online and hybrid courses as well as providing enhancements to classroom based instruction.

Office: Where is my office?
Adjunct faculty offices are designated for each department. This office is for your professional use – to use the computer, to meet with students, to prepare for your class. However, since you share this space with several other adjunct faculty members, please be courteous about keeping the office neat and keeping your office mates informed about student conferences or other things that might interfere with their use of the office.

Office Supplies: Where do I get my office supplies?
If you need office supplies, such as whiteboard markers, paper clips, index cards, grade books, please contact your department's administrative assistant.

Adjunct faculty orientation/on-boarding is hosted by the office of Human Resources prior to the beginning of the semester on an as-needed basis.

Photocopies: Where can I get photocopies made?
Each department has a photocopier that is available to use for College related business within limits.

Salary Schedules and Pay Basics
Adjunct faculty are placed in a Step system according to the MCCC DCE contract. New faculty are placed at Step 1. After teaching five courses, they advance to Step 2, and after ten courses, to Step 3. Adjunct faculty with a minimum of eight years at the College advance to Step 4. The MCCC web site offers additional information pertaining to Salary Basics. The Office of Human Resources is also available to answer questions pertaining to your assignment.

Students in Distress: How do I assist a student who is in distress?
Please refer to My4Cs. Look in the Health & Wellness section for CALM – Crisis & Life Management. This site provides resources and contacts if you are in need of assistance or if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

Teaching at Cape Cod Community College: How do I sign up to teach a course?
Once you are hired to teach at 4Cs, the Office of Human Resources (HR) adds your name to the DCE Availability to Teach database. When planning for the semester, HR will send an electronic request form of your availability to teach via e-mail to your college address. Simply follow the instructions to submit your request electronically. You will need to log in to CampusWeb. Look for the DCE Teaching Availability link under the Faculty tab. Follow the instructions to submit your request electronically. Refer to CampusWeb (above) for instructions on how to log in to CampusWeb.

Additional information and a schedule of upcoming mailings dates are available through the Office of Human Resources.

Tech Support: Where do I get technical support for my college computer?
The Help Desk is available to provide assistance for your technical needs. Simply call x4004 from an on-campus phone to connect to the Help Desk. The Help Desk website provides Technology Resources Information which may answer some questions, such as How do I log-on to the College network; How do I send an e-mail.

To order a desk copy for your own use, please contact the publisher directly. You will need the title, author, and ISBN number.

To order textbooks for your class, please contact the Bookstore. To place an order, you will need the course title, course number and section, the book title, author, ISBN number, and the quantity.

Phone: 508.362.2131 x4022

TLC: What is the TLC?
The Teaching and Learning Center supports and promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning from "chalk and talk" to "classroom in the clouds". The TLC provides a safe environment in which to experiment, explore, develop, implement and share ideas, strategies, and tools that place our students' education at the center of all we do.

The TLC is located in the Lorusso Applied Technology Building, Room 215A and is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am–4:30pm. Evening hours are available by appointment: 508.375.4040.